Brief History

The words you are about to read are all facts.  There are facts that are backed up by evidence there are facts that are hearsay and there are facts that we would like to be facts. 

 The story of Hertford Lodge begins we know not when and in the mind of we know not who.  However on Friday  26th January 1907 38  members got together along with 362 visitors and Hertford Lodge was consecrated at Sutton Coldfield Town hall.   

 The Lodge was named after the 7th Marquess of Hertford, Francis Alexander Seymore whose home was on the estate at Ragley Hall just outside of Stratford upon Avon.  At the time the lodge was consecrated the Marquess of Hertford was the Provincial Grand Master and we must presume that he was a close friend of one of the founders to allow his name to be used in such a prestigious way. marquie of Hertford.jpg (thumbnail)

 We would like to take you back to the first few years of the Lodge and try to give an insight into what was happening at the time of the infancy of the Lodge.  In the same year as the birth of Hertford Lodge No 3208 New Zealand became a dominion. 

1909 old aged Pensions were introduced in Britian, Peary reached the North Pole, Union of South Africa was formed. 

1910 Death of Edward VII  Accencion of George V May 6th ,

1912 Disaster of Titanic sinking April 15th 16th

 1914 August 4th Britain declared war on Germany

 1917 British troops occupy Baghdad, March 11th , The Russian Revolution started March 12th

1918 Armistice signed by Germany November 11th

1919 June 28th Treat of Peace with Germany signed at Versailles

In 2007 the 100 th year of the lodge's existance a trip to Ragley Hall was organised by the then WM.  Where we had a special meeting with the current 9th Marquess of Hertford, Henry (Harry) Jocelyn Seymour and his good lady.
marquis2007.jpg (thumbnail)


The picture one the right was taken to celebrate the Lodges 100th Birthday and shows the members at that time hertfordland.jpg (small thumbnail)